Many homebuyers let their emotions influence a home purchase instead of logic. They may want to purchase a particular house so urgently that they decide to forgo the inspection. Issues such as leaking roofs, faulty electrical wiring, and mold in the home may go undetected without a home inspection prior to the purchase, which becomes the new homeowner’s burden. While it is important to order a home inspection, it is equally important to choose a good home inspector. Here are some questions to ask a home inspector before you make the decision on who to hire.

1. What are Your Qualifications?

A home inspector is a jack of all trades in many aspects since they need knowledge of all home components and fixtures to perform the inspection. Choose a well-qualified home inspector whose expertise protects your investment. Ask the inspector about their license, certifications, and other qualifications he or she holds.

2. What is Your Experience Level?

More experienced home inspectors have come across a wide range of different situations in houses. The more experience the inspector offers, the more likely it is that he or she has encountered unusual issues and knows how to diagnose them.

3. Questions to Ask a Home Inspector About Cost

The price for a home inspection varies from one company to the next, but choosing the cheapest option is not always the best way to go. Considering that a home inspection can save you thousands of dollars by finding serious issues before you purchase the home, it doesn’t make sense to choose one inspector over the other just because of a $50 price difference.

4. What is and is Not Included in the Inspection?

Learn this information prior to hiring an inspector so you know what to expect. Any qualified inspector will be glad to explain to you what they do and don’t inspect in a house.

Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

Choosing your home inspector is a critical step of the homebuying process. The important questions to ask a home inspector on our list above are a few of the many to ask before you hire. A good home inspector can make the difference between making a good investment and purchasing a home that causes you problems.

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