The End of Winter is a Perfect Time for Organizing Your Closet

Springtime is rapidly approaching and the urge to organize, clean, and declutter the house is irresistible. A glance around any room in the house likely shows telltale signs of comfortable winter related clutter. Start by tackling one area at a time. Resist the impulse to start projects in every room. A logical starting point is the bedroom closet. Organizing your closet is a great way to get ready for the new season.

Step One: Do Not Beat Yourself Up

One glance at the bedroom closet can send most of us straight into depression mode. Climbing back into bed and hiding under the covers may be tempting, but the closet will not magically clean itself while we hide. Upon opening the closet door remember you undoubtedly did the best you could with limited space. Avoid falling victim to the self-blame trap. It is easy to accumulate items you placed in the closet simply because there was no other option at the time. This does not make you a messy person who likes living with clutter. Look at spring as a new opportunity for organizing your closet and turning over a new leaf.

Step Two: Be Ruthless and Brutally Honest About Your Closet Contents

Typically the bedroom closet is full of heavy winter clothing right about now. Bring one empty box and one large heavy duty bag and place them near the closet. Reach into your closet and pull out five items. Try to limit yourself to just five pieces of clothing at a time. This way if you are faced with a sudden interruption putting a few items back is doable. Surrounding yourself with endless piles of every piece of winter clothing you own is a set up for disaster.

Look at each of the five items and ask yourself if it’s been worn this winter. If the answer is no, make a quick decision as to size, quality and usefulness factors. If it no longer fits and is of average quality strongly lean toward placing it the donation box. Items that have not been worn but you just cannot bear to part with should be placed in the heavy duty bag. The only clothes that should be placed back in your closet are clothes you will wear during the remaining weeks of winter weather.

Step Three: Utilize These Ideas to Reduce and Shrink Wrap Closet Contents

Heavy, bulky winter clothes seem to suck up every inch of closet space. Many newer fabrics can be safely stored in special storage bags that can be vacuum shrunk. These bags are widely available at typical super discount stores where most of us already shop for food and other items. Take care not to overfill the bag, seal it with the slider enclosed, and then use your vacuum hose to remove the air through the opening provided in the middle of the bag. An amazing amount of space can be saved with these bags.

Products such as the new slim hangers now available can save quite a bit of room on the clothing bar in your closet. Experts such as HouseBeautiful offer many innovative hacks and ideas for closet organizing gadgets. The possibilities for organizing your closet are endless now that you have culled the unused items that were simply cluttering the space.

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