As a homebuyer, you’re likely excited about the prospect of purchasing a newly built home. While there are benefits to buying new construction, even brand new buildings can have problems. By hiring a professional inspector for a home inspection on new construction, buyers can pinpoint the problem areas of a property before closing the deal.

The Importance of a Home Inspection on New Construction

Don’t let the newness of a recently constructed home fool you. In the rush to get a house built, there may be some key issues that are overlooked by even the most reputable builders. Read on for a few of the reasons you should order a home inspection on new construction.

1. Code Inspection Isn’t Enough

All new buildings are required by law to be inspected by a city official for code compliance. Though new construction will be inspected by the code inspector, buyers should also order an inspection. During a home inspection on new construction, a private professional inspector will examine the home, check the internal systems, identify damaged components, and search for evidence of hazardous conditions and faulty materials.

2. Inspect Construction Through Every Phase

Your new home will go through several phases as it is being built. When you hire an inspector to review each phase of construction, he or she will be able to identify problems during the construction process. This keen attention to detail is essential as these issues may go unnoticed and will be covered up as the construction progresses. A private inspector will make sure you’re aware of any issues before going on to the next step of construction.

3. Identify Construction Issues

Construction problems do happen in newly built homes. Regardless of what phase of construction you’re in, having an inspection will make certain that problems are fixed prior to your move-in date. If a problem is identified by your inspector after construction is completed, you’ll likely be able to use your builder’s warranty to cover the costs of repairing the issues.

The facade of a newly constructed home can hide many structural issues that may eventually compromise your quality of life. Don’t risk living in a home with problems. Hire a 3rd-party home inspector for an inspection on new construction to make sure your new home is safe and move-in ready.

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