Indoor Home Improvement Projects for Winter

During winter, you may find yourself getting restless with cabin fever when the weather is unpleasant outside. If you have to be stuck inside your home, why not improve it? There are many home improvement projects for winter that can be completed indoors to keep you busy while you stay warm and cozy inside.

1. Upgrade Your Bathroom

There are many different options for upgrades you can make in the bathroom depending on your skill level and budget. You can embark on a bigger project like tiling your shower or tackle several smaller projects like replacing the showerhead with a low-flow one or hanging a new medicine cabinet or mirror.

2. Replace Your Windows for More Comfort During the Cold Months

If you have old windows, you may notice that they allow cool drafts to come inside of your home during the winter months. By updating your windows, you can enjoy having a more comfortable home temperature that doesn’t fluctuate because warm air is escaping from your home and cold air is getting inside. This is probably something you want to hire a professional to do, but it is a quick project.

3. Seal Up Air Leaks

Maybe you don’t have the budget to install new windows for more comfort right now, but you want to stop cold air from entering your home. If your old windows have cracks around the panes where the air is coming through or a gap at the bottom, you can affordably fix it with some caulk and weatherstripping. Check the weatherstripping on your doors too and replace it if needed.

4. Paint Your Interior

Painting your interior will give your entire home a new look. You can go with bold or neutral colors that will show off your personal sense of style. Whether you choose to update one room or your entire house, a paint job can offer an instant facelift. Since you won’t want to be opening your windows much, opt for a VOC-free paint without toxic fumes.

5. Clean Out Your Closet

One of the best home improvement projects for winter can be to simply organize your clothes and get rid of items that you do not need anymore. This will give you more space and help you to be able to find everything that you have more easily.

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