Use Our Gardening Tricks for a Better Summer Garden

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t already started planning for your summer garden, you still have a small window of time to begin. To help get your summer garden plans kick-started, we have compiled four handy gardening tricks that will get your garden ready for summer.

1. Save Time By Testing Seeds Before Planting

Gardening is a rewarding hobby that can easily take up an entire afternoon. While dedicating your time to this hobby is relaxing, it becomes frustrating if you find that some of the seeds you planted aren’t germinating. Before you spend precious time planting seeds that may not sprout, consider using one of many gardening tricks that will save you time and energy. One such trick is to simply grow some of the seeds in a test environment.

To do this, you will need 10 seeds of each type you wish to plant. Wet a paper towel and fold the seeds into the towel, leaving a little space between them. Place the towel into a resealable plastic bag. Be sure to write the type of seed and the date on the bag. Watch the bags closely to see how many seeds sprout. You want at least 70% (or 7) of the seeds to germinate. This is considered an acceptable amount. If four or less of the seeds germinate, consider them a bad batch and buy new seeds instead.

2. Fruit Peels As Seedling Pots

Beginning your springtime garden usually happens in small planter pots on your back porch or inside of a well-lit room in your home. While it’s common to begin your seedlings inside of plastic planter pots, you should consider using peels from citrus fruits instead. Take a citrus fruit, such as a lemon or an orange, and cut it in half. Remove the pulp and flesh from the inside of the peel until its cleaned and hollow. Fill the peel with soil, dig a tiny hole in which to place the seed, cover the seed with soil, and water it regularly.

3. Use Egg Shells As A Plant Nutrient And Natural Pest Deterrent

Eggshells consist of 95% calcium carbonate. This makes them a great organic nutrient for your garden soil. While egg shells are difficult to compost, they are valuable when crushed into small pieces and sprinkled into the planting holes of many types of garden flora such as tomatoes and peppers. The eggshells will give these plants a healthy dose of calcium to aid in their growth.

Additionally, crushed eggshells scattered on top of the soil around young seedlings in your garden will act as a natural pest deterrent. This is a useful trick to keep away garden pests with soft bellies that like to crawl such as snails and slugs.

4. Trick Hungry Birds To Protect Your Plants

Birds like blue jays and sparrows love to peck at your fresh garden vegetables. This is especially true with ripe red tomatoes. Since there’s no cheap way to prevent these flying creatures from entering your garden and disturbing your vegetables, trick them instead. Hang hard plastic red Christmas bulbs in your garden during the spring before your tomatoes begin to sprout. The birds will fly in and attempt to peck at them only to find that the bulbs aren’t soft, delicious tomatoes. They’ll begin to lose interest in your garden, leaving your real tomatoes to grow big and ripe without further threat.

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