Whether you’re remodeling the kitchen or updating the bedroom, you have a wide variety of flooring material options. To choose the best floor for your home, look at style, cost, functionality, and the maintenance requirements of each material. If you’re planning to install the flooring yourself, you’ll also want to know about the ease of installation for the flooring you choose.

Hardwood Flooring Material Options

Hardwoods are appreciated for their natural beauty and durability. Hardwood floors complement any style and decor and will increase your property value. This type of flooring is easy to maintain, only requiring vacuuming once or twice a week to remove dirt and debris that may cause scratching. You can install hardwood flooring on your own with a few tools, but installation is best left to the professionals.

The downsides of hardwood include that footsteps can be noisy and it feels cold on bare feet. Hardwood flooring is not waterproof so it won’t be the best option for kitchens and bathrooms. This flooring material is an expensive choice, but because of the many different varieties, you’ll likely find wood flooring to fit your budget.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is sturdy, inexpensive, and it resists warping. The protective coating on top keeps scuffs and scratches to a minimum. Because of the way laminate is designed, it can mimic other flooring options like stone, tile, or wood. It is easy to install and makes a good flooring option for DIYers.

Laminates are hard under the feet and slippery when wet. Laminate is constructed of layered materials so if the flooring is damaged, it cannot be restored or refinished.


Carpeting is a great flooring option for bedrooms. Because it is quieter, it can also be used in any upstairs or attic room to dampen the sound of footsteps. Carpet is soft and comfortable underfoot. It’s not difficult to install and some DIYers tackle the installation themselves.

To keep carpet looking great, frequent vacuuming and regular deep cleaning are recommended. Carpet stains easily and can trap dust, dirt, and pet dander. In homes with allergy sufferers, carpet makes it more challenging to maintain good indoor air quality.

Flooring Material Options: Tile

In areas of the home where water is a concern, tile flooring is a great choice. Tile is available in many colors and styles and is water-resistant and strong.

Tile is cold on bare feet, though not as noisy as hardwood flooring. Another downside to tile is that the grout becomes discolored over time. Use a sealant and keep the tile and grout clean with a product formulated for your type of flooring.

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