Be prepared in case of fire to protect your home and loved ones. Here are some tips to practice fire safety in the home.

Form a Plan for Fire Safety in the Home

Panicking during an emergency often prevents people from recalling fire safety tips. One of the best ways to increase your chances of staying calm is to write and rehearse an emergency plan ahead of time. Having a clear outline with steps for getting yourself and loved ones to safety prevents chaos. Practice your fire safety plan with your family and keep a written copy in an accessible place.

Fire Safety Begins with Smoke Alarms

One of the best ways to prevent a small fire from spreading is to catch it early. Smoke detectors with clearly audible alarms alert you to a house fire. There are several varieties of smoke detectors that you can install in your home. Some detectors are hardwired and some are battery powered, but both kinds should be tested regularly. Install high-quality smoke detectors in your home so you’ll be warned of a fire early.

Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets

Practicing fire safety in the home means making sure that you aren’t overloading your outlets. Use devices like multi-outlet power strips sparingly. Keep an eye on the condition of your plugs and electrical cords. Frayed, outdated, or visibly worn electrical cords pose a fire hazard, especially when used on carpeting or near fabrics.

Look for Fire Hazards

Common fire hazards in the home include candle flames, cooking appliances, and fireplaces. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a candlelit dinner by the fireplace, however, keep open flames and cooking activities supervised at all times.

Plan for Child and Pet Safety

Teach children that matches and lighters are not toys. Pay attention to pets and small children in high-risk areas like the kitchen and near the fireplace. Tackle any food preparation before you start cooking so you can keep a watchful eye on them once the stove is turned on.

Practicing Fire Safety in the Home

When it comes to good fire safety, preparedness and prevention are key. Install smoke alarms, avoid overloading your home’s outlets, and do what you can to prevent fires from starting. In case of emergency, have a fire safety plan written and rehearsed with your loved ones.

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