Updating your home’s appearance doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With simple and easy home renovation projects, you can bring up your home’s value by making minor improvements. In this article, we discuss creative home renovation ideas that you can tackle yourself.

Simple and Creative Home Renovation Ideas

Repaint Your Walls

Repainting is an easy and refreshing way to enhance your home’s visual appeal without breaking the bank. When purchasing paint, choose vibrant colors. Light colors make a room look more spacious. You’ll need quality rollers, trays, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and drop cloths to complete this project.

Add a Backsplash

One of the easiest and most impactful home renovation ideas is to add a backsplash to your kitchen. Backsplashes add character to a room and protect the walls behind the counter and stove from moisture and grease.

Adding a backsplash can be a simple weekend DIY project. The easiest method is with a peel-and-stick backsplash kit. More experienced home renovators may decide to install tile with grout.

Install Foam Crown Molding

To make your home look more upscale, install crown molding around the ceiling. You can buy foam crown molding that is easier to cut and install than wood. First, measure and cut the material to fit the perimeter of the ceiling. Prime and paint the material any color you like, then use caulk along the top and back and adhere to where the top of the wall meets the ceiling.

Weatherstrip Doors and Windows for an Easy Home Renovation

If there are gaps around the edges of your doors and windows when they are shut, your home isn’t as efficient as it could be. Conditioned air leaks out of the house, which is a waste of energy for your HVAC system. One of the smartest home renovations is weatherstripping your doors and windows. It is also a very easy project that anyone can do.

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