As a homeowner, you want healthy trees for shade and ornamental trees for landscaping. Caring for the trees in your yard will save you money and keep your landscape healthy. This article provides basic maintenance tips for your trees.

Ways of Caring for The Trees in Your Yard

1. Know Your Trees

Learn the names of and gather information on the trees growing in your yard. It is helpful to understand their maintenance needs and to prepare for their size once fully grown. Refer to a guide on how to identify tree species.

2. Get the Right Tools for Caring for the Trees in Your Yard

Invest in high-quality gloves, a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and long-handled pruning shears. When needed, proper tools make tree maintenance much easier.

3. If in Doubt, Mulch

While caring for the trees in your yard, you may not know whether a tree’s roots should be mulched. Applying mulch helps retain moisture and insulates the roots from cold weather. In most situations, it is better to err on the side of caution and apply mulch.

4. Fertilize With Care

Most trees benefit from the occasional use of fertilizers but use care in applying soil amendments around young trees. Fertilizer in the form of plant nutritional spikes or tablets buried in the ground can damage growing root systems if placed too close to the tree. Follow manufacturer instructions carefully for the best results.

5. Remove Clinging Vines

Vigorously growing, clinging vines threaten the well-being of trees. Plants such as kudzu and English ivy look vibrant but over time they rob the tree of nutrients and sunlight. Removing clinging vines by pulling them up from the roots.

6. Prune Responsibly

One of the most important tree care tasks often occurs during a tree’s dormant period. For most trees, late fall into winter or very early spring are excellent times for pruning. Pruning selectively removes branches and allows the tree to direct more energy towards its developing root system.

When done correctly, pruning helps trees grow stronger and healthier. Pruning also prevents tree branches from growing in undesired locations, like over the roof or up against the siding.

Professional Help When Caring for the Trees in Your Yard

Even property owners with experience caring for trees sometimes need to contact a professional arborist. Call a pro if you suspect a tree disease or an insect infestation. Tree specialists offer valuable knowledge and help in dealing with these types of problems. If any large trees in your yard stop sprouting leaves and don’t show signs of growth, contact a tree removal service.

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