Boosting curb appeal at your home during springtime is easier and less expensive than many homeowners expect. Although adding a whole new room to the home or a major kitchen overhaul adds great value to your home, such costly work isn’t necessary for a major enhancement to your home’s curb appeal. Here are a handful of simple, cost-effective ways to improve your home’s curb appeal whether you are selling your home, or just want to be a better neighbor.

Add Flowers or Plants

A flower bed against the front exterior of the home adds beauty and color to an otherwise boring lawn. For instant gratification, buy flower starts instead of starting from seed and plant them in hanging pots and planters on your porch. Your lawn’s aesthetics can also benefit from the installation of fruit trees, and it is an enticing selling point to be able to eat fruit from your own yard.

Beautify Your Home’s Entrance

A simple welcome mat adds a nice touch to your home and this is but one of the many ways to beautify the entrance. Updating the door can cost only a couple hundred bucks and certainly changes the entire focal point of the home. You can also add a fresh coat of paint to update your front door. Add a decorative plaque, flower basket, or spring wreath to the door to further enhance the front entrance.

Lawn Check 101

Many unsightly objects can make their way into your lawn, quickly diminishing the lovely appearance of your home. Promptly remove any trash or debris you may find in your yard. Additionally, cover electrical boxes, grates, and other eyesores so neighbors and potential buyers are unable to view them.

Landscape Lighting

If someone is interested in buying your home, they will likely drive by it during the day and at night. Boosting curb appeal with landscape lighting is fun, simple, and adds more security and comfort to your home life. A variety of landscape lighting options exist, each offering a unique style and appeal that creates the lush environment that you want. Landscape lighting costs vary, though it is easy to compare the options to find budget-friendly lighting that you’ll enjoy. Nowadays, solar lights that charge on their own from sunlight are common so you don’t need to worry about raising your energy bill.

Add or Update Shutters

Don’t underestimate the beauty of shutters on your home. They help create a unique appeal and charm, but only when the shutters are in pristine condition. If the shutters are chipped, cracked, or otherwise worn and damaged, it’s time for a quick repair or paint job.

Boosting Curb Appeal Made Simple

These simple ideas are sure to bring the curb appeal to your home that you want. Each idea brings its own advantages that you should consider before you take the plunge. No matter which idea(s) you like best, rest assured they’ll add the curb appeal that you want without taking much from your wallet.

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